Academic Affairs and Standards Council


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The purpose of the council is to provide direction for the college president in all matters included in academic affairs, including course outlines, award requirements, academic standards, course and program components, and the inventory of course and program offerings.


Co-Chairs: Dave Edwards and Jay Wendelberger

Members: Michele Brielmaier, Cristen Cox, Kurt Dershem, Barb Embacher, Don Hermanson, Ryan Langemeier, Diann Marten, Candy Mortenson-Klimpel, Tracy Murphy, Brad Schloesser, Shayne Narjes, Deb Salmon, Judy Shultz

Administrator: Susan Tarnowski


Meetings are held on Friday once a month (academic year) from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. (except April 22, 2016).

Institution and System Alignment

South Central College 2015 - 17 Strategic Priorities

Goal:  Quality Education

  • Implement improvements in curriculum development process
  • Further develop individual program assessment plan initiatives including measurement of institutional core competencies
  • Coordinate intentional faculty and staff development opportunities throughout the year 

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system Charting the Future Work Plan

The following Charting the Future initiatives are part of this committee’s work: 

   1.1.1 Improve curriculum alignment
   1.1.4 Implement ASA policy
   3.1.2 Increase awareness and development of e-textbooks and OERs


Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Supporting Documents

The following include minutes and supporting documents for upcoming and past AASC meetings.