The North Mankato and Faribault Campus Bookstore provide the South Central College community with the following products and services:

  • Used and new textbooks, rental textbooks, workbooks, lab & lecture packets
  • SCC insignia items (apparel, giftware, gift cards)
  • Schools supplies (notebooks, paper, pens, back packs, etc.)
  • Postage stamps
  • Prepaid copy cards
  • An online webstore to purchase textbooks

Agency and Financial Aid Charges
To ensure a successful start to your semester, all required textbooks should be purchased on or before the first day of class. Financial Aid will be disbursed after classes start, so plan to use your own funds to purchase your textbooks. In the event you are unable to provide your own funding for textbooks, and your Pell and State Grant and loan dollars exceed your tuition and fee charges, you may charge your books against the remaining Pell and State Grant and loan monies, according to the following guidelines:

  • At South Central College, student ID card is required at the time of the charge.
  • Agency/Grant and loan charges are allowed during a limited period each term. (Typically the Tuesday before the term begins, and the first five days of the term.)
  • Charges can be done online or in person at the bookstore, and books can be shipped for an additional charge.
  • Agency Authorization Vouchers must be on file in the Bookstore before you are allowed to charge.  Agencies include: Rehabilitation Services DRS, Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC), Minnesota Workforce Center, Minnesota Department of Economic Security Trade Act Training (TAA), Veterans Benefits (VETS), and Post-Secondary Education Opportunities (PSEO).  Agency charges need to be done in store and at this time cannot be done online.
  • If a student is using NELNET/FACTS plan to pay for tuition and is enrolled in that program seven days before school begins, they may use these funds for textbooks also–see policy on the SCC website.

PSEO Students
To ensure a great start to your college career, your books will be pre-reserved. You will just need to check in at the counter with your South Central College ID card and we will have your books ready for you. All supplied textbooks, packets, kits, and other consumables are returned to the Bookstore, and checked in at the end of each semester.

Rental Books
The South Central College bookstores offer many titles with a rental option.  This means a student pays a fee to borrow the book from the store until the end of the semester.  These books belong to the bookstore and the student simply returns it to the cashier when they are finished.

Common Rental Questions
How do I know if my books are rentals?

  • Rental books will have a rental sticker located on the back of the book in the barcode area. 
  • Refer to your receipt, rental books will be noted along with the due date they are due back to the bookstore.

When are rental books due back to the bookstore?

  • Rental books are due back no later than 4:00 pm on the Friday of the last week of the semester (Finals Week).
  • If mailing a textbook back, it must be postmarked no later than the last day of the semester to be accepted.

What happens if I don’t return my rental books on time?
Rental books that are not returned on time to the bookstore will be subject to a late fee, plus the replacement cost of the textbook.  It is important to bring your books back to the bookstore so they can be sent back to their book companies.  The bookstore gets charged if the books don’t come back to their company.

My book isn’t in the same condition as I got it in, or I lost it. What should I do?

  • We will accept rental books back if they are in the same condition as we rented them.  Minor highlighting and writing on the inside of the book is acceptable.  Water damage, bite marks, missing or torn pages/covers, heavily soiled pages/covers, fire damage, or any other instance the bookstore staff deems a textbook as unsalable will result in the student being charged replacement fees.
  • Lost textbooks will be charged the same non-retuned fee and late fees as damaged textbooks.  

How do I pay for my late rentals?
Rental replacement and late fees will be placed on the student’s account. This typically happens within one week after the rental deadline. 

What if I don’t pay my late fees?
Students who don’t pay their late fees for non-returned rentals will have a hold put on their student account.  This could impact registration for future semesters, getting transcripts sent, or graduation.  Students could also be sent to collections if fees don’t get paid.

Return Policy

Textbook Returns
Textbook returns are allowed the first two weeks of Fall and Spring Semester. You will only need your receipt the first week and you will need your drop form and receipt the second week. Textbook returns for Summer Session are the first 5 days only with receipt.

New textbooks must be in excellent condition for a full refund. Written in, highlighted, or damaged books will be refunded as used. Opened textbooks with access codes and/or software are not returnable.

Textbooks purchased from the bookstore website may be returned for a refund with the shipment’s receipt less any shipping charges. Items may also be shipped back to the bookstore, postage prepaid with the original receipt. Please notify us within 5 days from receipt of your order if there were any items damaged during shipment or if there were any discrepancies.

General Merchandise Returns
All merchandise must be in the same condition as purchased and in unopened original packaging with original pricing. Clothing should not be washed or worn. Software and Electronics must be returned unopened. All general merchandise should be returned within 7 days with receipt.

General merchandise purchased from the bookstore website may be returned for a refund with the shipment’s receipt less any shipping charges. Items may also be shipped back to the bookstore, postage prepaid with the original receipt. Please notify us within 5 days from receipt of your order if there were any items damaged during shipment or if there were any discrepancies.

Defective general merchandise can be returned or exchanged within 7 days with receipt.

Refund Method
A check will be issued for those purchases paid for with cash, unless allowable by college policy. A check will be issued for those purchases originally paid for by a personal check, but will not be issued until at least 14 days after date of purchase. Purchases over $100 cash will also be refunded in check form. Purchases paid for by a credit card will be credited back to that card. Student charge purchases will be credited back to the student account.

Book Buyback Information
It is a priority of the Bookstore to shelve as many used books as possible to assist with lowering the textbooks costs for students. The South Central College Bookstore offers a book buyback at the beginning and end of each semester in an effort to obtain books for the following semester. Listed are questions and answers regarding buyback.

When does Buyback occur?
Buyback occurs during finals week of each semester and the first week of classes.  Summer buyback dates will be determined after evaluation of summer course offerings. Refer to bookstore website for dates and times, or around campus.

What determines if my book will be bought back?
There are many factors that determine whether the Bookstore can purchase your textbook. They are as follows:

  • An instructor has chosen the book for the upcoming semester and the book is the most current edition.
  • The Bookstore has a need for additional inventory to fill an instructor request. If the Bookstore does not have a need for a particular book, a used book vendor may purchase the book for use at another college store. They will pay according to the current market value if one exists. Old editions usually have zero value.
  • The condition of the books such as excessive highlighting, torn/missing pages, permanent writing, missing pieces (CD’s, access codes, etc.) can affect the value.
  • Study guides and workbooks must be clean and complete.
  • An instructor or department may specify buyback criteria on any given book.

What dollar amount will be paid?
Different factors determine the price paid for a book:

  • If the Bookstore is buying a book and it is a current edition, 50% of NEW selling price will be paid, even if you purchased it used.
  • If the bookstore is buying a book and its future use is unknown, the price is dependent on the market value and will range from 20% to 50% of the NEW selling price.
  • If the Bookstore has no need for a book, a used book vendor will pay the wholesale market value for the book, which ranges from 1% to 33% of the national retail price.

Does the bookstore guarantee all books will be bought back?
We LOVE to buy books from students; unfortunately not all of the books you buy will be used the following semester, so we are unable to guarantee that all books you purchase will be bought back. Some books may have zero value or an edition change. The amount you receive for your books will be determined at the moment you sell them back. As the buyback progresses, the value may change. TIPS: Sell your books as early in the buyback as possible. Use pencil to highlight. Keep your books in as good of condition as you can. Read them, but love them.