SCC is committed to providing equal opportunities for qualified students with disabilities to participate in the courses, programs, and activities of our college. The Academic Support Center is the designated office at South Central College where students with qualifying disabilities can request reasonable accommodations for their courses. Disability Services is part the Academic Support Center.

Contact Information
North Mankato Campus: Room B-132, (507) 389-7222
Faribault Campus: Room A-116, (507) 332-5847
Confidential Fax: (507) 389-7464

Arranging Disability Services at South Central College
Students with a qualifying disability who would like to request academic accommodations are responsible for contacting the Academic Support Center and completing the following steps.

1. Submit the following to the ASC:

Disability services staff in the ASC will review the documentation and intake form and contact the student via email to notify them to either schedule an appointment or provide additional documentation.

2. Schedule an appointment with disability services staff once notified.

3. Meet with disability services staff to discuss the following:

  • Disability diagnosis
  • The impact of the disability in the academic setting
  • Accommodation history
  • Reasonable accommodations to provide access to courses, programs, and activities at SCC

South Central College will provide reasonable accommodations, adjustments, and/or auxiliary services that are warranted and supported by the received documentation and structured student interview.  Accommodations cannot fundamentally alter the educational program or academic requirements that are essential to a course or program.

4. Sign the Accommodation Plan established during the above meeting

5. Communicate with disability services staff any issues with the implemented accommodations, if there are course changes, or to request additional accommodations

6. Meet with disability services each semester to request accommodations

Accommodations for the Accuplacer

Students with a qualifying disability who would like to request accommodations for the Accuplacer assessment will need to submit recent documentation of the qualifying disability (Documentation Requirements) along with their request to:

Academic Support Center – Accommodated Accuplacer Request
South Central College
1920 Lee Boulevard
North Mankato, MN 56003
Fax: (507) 389-7464

Once the documentation and request have been received, disability services staff will review the documentation and will contact the student to schedule an individual appointment to take the Accuplacer.

Disability and Accommodation Policies
Access, Accommodations, and Rights for Individuals with Disabilities #3000.14
Complaint / Grievance Policy #3000.11
Harassment/Nondiscrimination in Employment & Education Policy
Interpreting Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students Policy #3000.28
Service Animal Policy #3000.38