SCC Lifesaver Fund

Applications are now being accepted for Spring Semester 2017.

lifesaver fund

The SCC Lifesaver Fund is an emergency grant program available to low-income students to pay for unforeseen expenses that could lead to dropping out of college for either Fall semester or Spring semester.  You must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant during the semester the request is made and classes must be in session when the request is made.  For those who qualify, South Central College Foundations will cover up to $500 (maximum per person) of critical expenses such as an accident, utility shut-off, vehicle repairs, medical bills and more. Failure to apply for financial aid in a timely manner will not be considered as emergency.  Payment to third party vendors are made within 48 hours of the award decision.

If submitting a request, you must provide supporting documents with your application.  Documents could include: doctor’s office bill, automotive repair estimate, utility bill, late notice, a letter or support from clergy, counselor, or academic advisor, and should also include a letter explaining your unique situation.  If no supporting documentation is submitted the request will not be reviewed.

To Apply for Lifesaver Funds:

  1. Go to the Dreamkeepers Website when classes are in session during the Spring 2017 semester
    Note: You will leave the SCC Website when you click on this link
  2. Create an account
  3. Upload documentation supporting the request (e.g. an official estimate from an auto repair facility or a medical bill and supporting medical documentation explaining that your medical care was unforeseen).

You will be contacted regarding the results of the request and may also be provided with additional resources that may be of assistance. Expenses are paid directly to the provider or company within 48 hours, so you don’t have to worry about the financial distractions and can concentrate on your studies.

The Lifesaver Fund was established with funding from the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, with ongoing financial support provided by the generous donors to the South Central College Foundations.

For additional questions regarding the Lifesaver Fund, visit with Student Affairs Center team members or contact the SCC Financial Aid team at (507) 389-7200.

During the first semester (Spring 2016) this program provided a total $6,700 to assist students in need.