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To Register for a Course in the PSEO Program, All Postsecondary Students: 

  • Must meet age specific requirements for each course
  • Must meet the course and/or program prerequisites (including admission to academic programs when applicable) and the course or program must have space available
  • Students are not eligible to take courses that involve travel out of the school area (e.g. trips to Colorado, Africa, Germany)
  • Only college-level courses are eligible for the PSEO program; college-readiness (e.g. ENGL 0080) would not be eligible for the PSEO program unless the student is in a state approved Early/Middle College Program
  • Students may take a course that has an additional fee up to $100 per credit.


  • Tuition, textbooks, and fees are covered by the PSEO program.  The student is responsible for any other costs incurred at the college (library fees, transportation and supply/classroom fees not covered in tuition costs)
  • Student is financially responsible for supplies, tools, clothing and any consumable supplies
  • Student is financially responsible for any books not returned by the end of the business day at the end of South Central College’s finals. The student will be charged at a used price of the textbook for any books that are not returned on time and in the same condition as when they are picked up.  Any CD’s or supplemental materials must be returned with the book
  • Students may take a course that has an additional fee up to $100 per credit

To Continue Enrollment in the PSEO Program:

  • Student must maintain at least a 2.0 (“C”) grade point average and a 67% minimum completion rate.
  • Student and secondary school contact person must complete the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program form each semester.
  • Student must comply with SCC’s policies in the SCC catalog.

PSEO Admission Appeal:
An applicant who is denied acceptance into the PSEO program has the right to appeal the decision to the college.  The appeal process requires:

  • Student must submit a PSEO Admission Appeal Form 
  • Student must submit a letter of appeal
  • Student must submit a letter of support from a school contact person  

A student cannot appeal if denied based on an incomplete application by the deadline date. Appeal must be received within 10 working days after notification of denial is received by the student.