The following processes are for grants that require resources from South Central College. This includes the use of space, equipment, employees, or students at SCC, as well as ANY monetary match or support that must be provided. 

Step One - Communicate

  • When pursuing a project, the first thing you should do is talk with your dean or supervisor about your project ideas to see if the project is feasible and if it aligns with SCC’s mission and strategic plan. 
  • After you have discussed your project with your dean or supervisor, please contact the Grants Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to request an Intent to Apply for External Funding form. This form must be completed and signed by your dean or supervisor, as well as the Grants Office, and then sent to the Cabinet for review and approval prior to purusing a grant project. At Cabinet, they will discuss your project, the funding source you would like to pursue, and how this opportunity benefits SCC. This process ensures support from the entire college for every proposal and helps to identify which projects to pursue should multiple projects wish to use the same funding source. If the timeline is short and approval is needed immediately, the Grants Office will contact and receive approval from the Cabinet electronically.. However, this approach should not be used to circumvent discussion of grant opportunities at Cabinet meetings.
  • Once you have received Cabinet approval, communicate with the grants office to discuss what the office's role will be in your project, as well as the steps you should take as you move forward with your proposal.


Step Two – Write

  • Read through the RFP and application that was released by your funding source. These documents explain in detail what the proposal reviewers are looking for, so it is very important that you read them thoroughly, mark important sections, and highlight any questions that you have. 
  • Contact your partners. Collaboration plays a huge role in almost every proposal, but these relationships may take time to build. If a letter of support/commitment is required from partners, it is helpful to have a summary of the project outline and their role available to them.
  • Take a look at the budget – if any matching funds are required and SCC must provide part of these funds, discuss this with your Dean.
  • Start writing. Good proposals take a lot time and thought to create and it’s important to have enough time to review and edit the content before submitting the grant. This includes drafting your budget and budget narrative too.


Step Three – Review

  • Make sure that you review your final project with your dean or supervisor, especially if your project has taken a few twist and turns along the way. Proposals will not be submitted without your dean or supervisor's written approval of the project narrative and budget. Please complete the Grant Approval Form (link) and have it signed before you submit your proposal.
  • Having someone who has not been involved in the project, perhaps one of your peers, read through the narrative is always helpful. Provide them with the program guidelines and ask them to provide constructive criticism and ask questions.
  • If requested in a timely manner, the Grant Office is willing to provide feedback, copy editing, budget checks, a review of the guidelines, or other assistance before you submit your proposal.


Step Four – Submit

  • After reviewing the proposal and receiving the appropriate approvals, you are ready to submit.  As the Authorized Representative for SCC, it may be necessary for me to submit the grant depending on the funding source.  Work directly with the Grant Office to coordinate submission.

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