Grant Facilitation and Project Development for Institutional Projects
South Central College has identified several institutional projects to focus funding efforts on for the current fiscal year. The Grants Office will play a leading role in the procurement of funding to support these projects. This role includes identifying relevant funding sources and opportunities, facilitating grant teams, writing sections of the proposal, reviewing other’s work to ensure it meets program guidelines, and submitting final proposals on behalf of the college.

Dissemination of Information
SCC’s grants office will collect and provide news of grant opportunities to faculty and staff. This may include postings in the monthly newsletter CONNECT, direct contact through phone or email, and updates at campus-wide faculty and staff meetings. In addition, it is the role of the grants office to keep open communication between faculty, staff, and administration in relation to all grant opportunities that SCC is pursuing.

Grant Resources and Research Assistance
The grants office is a wealth of information for those that are looking to pursue project funding. Information about current and past grant opportunities offered by private foundations, government agencies, and corporations is collected, organized, and held in one location for easy access. Several resources are also available via links on this website—Grantseeking Resources and Common Funding Sources—and online databases such as can be searched for future funding sources. In addition, copies of successful grant proposals submitted by the college are also available and can be used as examples for new projects. Faculty and staff should feel free to stop by or email the grants office at any time if they would like assistance with the search for funding.

Advising and Proposal Preparation
The grants office is also prepared to advise faculty on the appropriateness of their project for specific funding opportunities and to provide assistance with the preparation of proposals. This may include reviewing the program guidelines, RFP, and application distributed by the funder, suggesting names of internal or external parnters, and editing or reviewing written applications.

Grant Submission
Several grant programs require or prefer that grants be submitted online through programs such as and NSF Fastlane. These programs require that submissions come from an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) of the organization applying. For this reason, the grants office has established an AOR account and is willing to assist faculty and staff with the formatting and submission of electronic proposals.

Grant Monitoring and Reporting
The project managers of a funded opportunity will be responsible for ensuring that their project goals are realized and that the program is managed responsibly. This includes good fiscal management as well as timely monitoring, evaluation, and reporting measures. Proper grant management is extremely important as it affects the reputation of SCC as an institution, as well as the project manager as an individual, and in turn, influences the chances of faculty and staff at SCC to procure future funding. Although the grants office will not be responsible for writing the evaluation reports for funded projects, personnel will assist project directors with their responsibilities by assisting with the formatting and content of reports and ensuring that they are submitted in a timely manner.

Grant Library
The grants office will become the central holding spot for all grants submitted by faculty and staff on behalf of SCC. Although there will be paper copies of certain grant opportunities, the grants library will be in an electronic format, allowing the transfer of grants between SCC members to be quick and efficient. The library will include the following items: RFP and program guidelines for the funded grant; the submitted project application, narrative, and budget; the awards letter; any interim reports and evaluations; and the final report and evaluation. This library will prove to be an excellent resource for faculty and staff as it will allow successful examples to be shared throughout the college. It will also allow us to present an accurate and positive image about our ability to pull in outside funds.