What is the difference between an Associate of Applied Science Degree/Diploma/Certificate?

The length of the programs:

  • AAS Degrees –72 Semester Credits
  • Diploma – 34 - 64 Semester Credits
  • Certificates – 22 Semester Credits
  • The amount of required general education classes is different for each.  The AAS Degree requires the most at 20 semester credits.

    What are general education credits?

    General education credits are:

  • Courses which transfer to any institution in the Minnesota State Colleges and University System or to the University of Minnesota.
  • Course content which includes the arts, history, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social and behavior sciences
  • General education credits for the accounting degrees will include Economics, Composition, College Algebra, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills and Public Speaking
  • Why do I need general education credits?

    These courses will provide necessary skills for life roles and to meet job requirements.

    Do I have to be a full-time student?

    There is opportunity to be a part-time student with an advisor closely monitoring the enrollment in sequential classes. Many students are required to work to finance their education. On-line classes and classes offered in evenings only help to meet the needs of working students

    How much computerized training will I get?

    Today accounting records are kept on the computer. Software programs that you will learn include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Quickbooks, Peachtree Accounting and computerized tax preparation software.

    Are there going to be jobs when I graduate?

    Our high record of placement is a reflection of the need for accounting graduates in the workplace. The training the student receives is in many facets of accounting which presents more job opportunities. The willingness to relocate enhances job placement.

    Our Placement Services Office is here to help you find employment.

    Is it possible to complete an accounting degree in two years?

    Students will need an average of 16-18 credits per semester. General education courses are offered in summer sessions to lighten the load.