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Accounting Fblt. & N.M.
Agribusiness Production  N.M.  
Ag Chemical Applicator Technician N.M.     
Agriculture Education Technology N.M.     
Agribusiness Office Specialist/Manager N.M.     
Agribusiness Service & Management N.M.   
Agribusiness Service Technician N.M.   
Agribusiness Professional Swine Manager N.M.     
Agribusiness Viticulture N.M.     
AgSPARK Agronomy N.M.     
Architectural Drafting and Design N.M.   
Associate of Arts Fblt. & N.M.    
Associate of Fine Arts in Visual Arts N.M.    
Auto Body and Collision Technology N.M.   
Automotive Service N.M.   
Business Management Fblt. & N.M.    
Business Transfer Pathway Fblt. & N.M.    
Carpentry Fblt.  
Child Development Careers Fblt. & N.M.
Civil Engineering Technology N.M.     
College Readiness Fblt. & N.M.      
Communication Studies - Transfer Pathway N.M.     
Community Social Service N.M. 
Computer Careers N.M. 
Culinary Arts N.M.   
Dental Assisting N.M.   
Early Childhood Education Fblt. & N.M.
Emergency Medical Services N.M.       
Energy Technical Specialist N.M.     
Farm Business Management Fblt. & N.M.  
Family Services Specialist Fblt. & N.M.    
Fine Arts – Visual Arts N.M.    
Geographic Information Systems N.M.    
Graphic Communications N.M.   
Health Sciences Broad Field Fblt. & N.M.    
Health Unit Coordinator Fblt. & N.M.    
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration (HVAC/R) N.M. 
iMEC Fblt. & N.M.
Intensive Care Paramedic Technician N.M.
Liberal Arts & Sciences Fblt. & N.M.    
Machine Tool Technology
(formerly Computer Integrated Machining)
Fblt. & N.M.
Manufacturing Production Technology Fblt. & N.M.    
Marketing Management Fblt. & N.M.
Mechatronics Engineering Technology Fblt. & N.M.
Medical Assistant N.M.    
Medical Laboratory Technician Fblt. & N.M.    
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC) Fblt. & N.M.      
Multimedia Technology N.M.     
Nursing - Practical (LPN) Fblt. & N.M.    
Nursing - Professional (RN) Fblt. & N.M.    
Nursing Assistant (CNA) Fblt. & N.M.      
Office Administration and Technology Fblt. & N.M.  
Pre-Social Work - Transfer Pathway Fblt. & N.M.    
Phlebotomy Fblt.     
Small Business Management Fblt. & N.M.  
Welding Fblt. & N.M.  

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