Can I double major? 
Yes, many of the courses required in one Office Administration & Technology major are also required for another. Talk to your advisor.

Do I have to meet with my advisor before registering for next semester? 
It would be best for you to meet with an advisor before registering for the next semester. The advisors have experience and can help you make choices that will get you to graduation as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Who is my advisor? 
Simply ask any Office Administration & Technology instructor to find out who your advisor is.

What does ASSESSMENT have to do with the Office Technology Program? 
The Office Administration & Technology program has developed program core competencies that are measured throughout your program to ensure our employers that you have mastered the skills necessary to be a proficient office professional. You will find the program core competencies listed in the catalog with the Office Administration & Technology program majors.

Should I be saving some of my work each semester? Why?  
As part of the Office Administration & Technology program, you will be taking the Employment Portfolio course in your last semester at the college. In this course, you will showcase some of your best works in a portfolio you create to use on your job search. You should save the assignments that you feel showcase your skill and would assist the prospective employer in making a hiring decision.