Since 2005, South Central College (SCC) has provided students with the opportunity to take the first two years of their Bachelor’s degree at the college. Students do so by earning a two-year Associate of Arts (AA) degree at SCC and then transferring the general education credits they’ve earned in the process to any one of seven Minnesota State system universities, including Metro State and Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Now SCC is making it even easier for Faribault campus students to earn their AA degree and satisfy their university general education requirements in just four semesters. With the new Faribault Campus Associate of Arts Gateway Plan, new students join a learning community with others taking a streamlined course schedule taught by expert instructors at SCC’s Faribault campus. These students will have reserved registration for their plan courses, enabling them graduate with their AA degree in four semesters and start at a university with all their general education requirements satisfied.

The plan, which will be available this fall semester, is designed for new college-ready students and requires that they earn course grades of C or better as they continue through the plan.

“South Central College has long provided students with the option to earn their AA degree and get the first two years of their Bachelor’s degree done at the same time, enabling to start at a Minnesota State system university as a junior.” said SCC Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences Judy Shultz. “Many students have found that starting out in a supportive community college environment that’s close to home sets them up for success when they get to the university, and we believe this new Gateway Plan will amplify these benefits even more for students.”

Space in the Fall Semester Gateway Plan is limited. For more details, new students are encouraged to visit the Gateway Webpage.