This is an important legislative session for South Central College and all Minnesota State institutions. Two top priorities are Minnesota State's Operating Budget Request and the Capital Investment (Bonding) Request.

Minnesota State Operating Budget Request of $178 million of funding over the biennium ($60.1 million in FY2018 and $117.9 million in FY2019):

  • $143 million to keep tuition affordable by funding inflationary costs at three percent each year of the biennium (South Central College's portion is $3 million) 
  • $  25 million to support a mission-critical, multi-year technology infrastructure project to replace out-of-date enterprise system (ISRS)
  • $  10 million to provide targeted financial support to reduce outcome disparities and improve student success

pdfMinnesota State Budget Request + SCC Fact Sheet (1 MB PDF)

Capital Investment (Bonding) Request: 

  • $110 million for all Minnesota State institutions' HEAPR infrastructure repairs (Ranked #1 on Minnesota State's list of priorities)    
  • $9.6 million for South Central College's pdfNorth Mankato Campus STEM and Healthcare Renovation Project (Ranked #2 on Minnesota State's list of priorities) 
  • Other campus-specific projects throughout Minnesota