Events & Info Sessions

To stay informed on updates, changes, and upcoming events in the Nursing Program, prospective and current students are encouraged to explore the upcoming events that apply to them. For further information on any one event, click on the corresponding link or contact the nursing department.

Nursing Informational Sessions

Individuals who would like to meet with the pre-nursing advisor and/or who wish to learn more about the pre-nursing/nursing program should attend one of our monthly Info Sessions. Sessions are scheduled for two hours each. Participants should arrive 5 - 10 minutes early for check-in before the session. Some Topics that will be discussed:

  • Steps on becoming a pre-nursing student
  • Differences between pre-nursing and nursing programs
  • Program Policies
  • Admission criteria
  • Entrance exam requirements
  • A question/answer period is included
  • Attendance at one Info Session is a required component to the core-nursing application

 pdfSpring Information Session Dates PDF(147.93 KB) 

 pdfSummer Information Session Dates PDF(185.96 KB)

Advising Sessions

Current Pre-Nursing students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Pre-Nursing Advisor by coming up to the Student Affairs Center to schedule this meeting. During the advising appointments students discuss how their current classes are going, strategize their academic plans, and get ready to register for the upcoming semesters.

Click here for more info on Advising Sessions.

Core-NURS students are assigned a faculty advisor who serves as their academic advisor. Core-NURS students are encouraged to visit with their assigned advisor for any questions they may have regarding classes. Refer to your Degree Audit Report (DARs) to view the name of your assigned academic advisor.

Advising Sessions (current Pre-Nursing students):

Pre-Nursing Advising Session Appointments--contact the Student Affairs Center to set up an appointment with the Pre-Nursing Advisor.

    Topics covered at the Advising Appointments: 

    • How are your current classes going?
    • Are your transfer courses reflected on your transcript & DARs report?
    • What courses have you completed?
    • What courses do you have left to take?
    • What should your academic plan be for the next semester?
    • We'll get you ready to register for classes!