As a condition of use of the SCC computer resources and facilities, the user agrees to respect:

  1. The lab area and equipment; e.g., users will clean up the work area before leaving.
  2. The privacy of other users; e.g., users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files or passwords belonging to other users, or misrepresent others, unless explicitly authorized to do so by those users.
  3. The legal protection provided by copyright and license to programs and data; e.g., users shall not make copies of a licensed computer program to avoid paying additional license fees. (Refer to Software Copyright in this document.)
  4. The intended usage for which access to SCC computing resources was granted; e.g., users may not use SCC facilities for outside commercial activities.
  5. The integrity of computing systems; e.g., users shall not intentionally develop or use programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage or alter the software components of a computer or computing system.
  6. The financial structure of a computing system; e.g., users shall not intentionally develop or use any unauthorized mechanisms to alter or avoid charges levied by the college for computing services or allow anyone else to use their account.
  7. The rights of other users; e.g., users shall not engage in public behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for other users based on their race, sex, color, religion, creed, age, marital status, handicap, or veteran status. An example
    would be the viewing of pornographic material.
  8. The posted rules of individual computer labs and classrooms.

Official Student Email Policy

1. College use of email. Email is a mechanism for official communication for South Central College, which has the right to expect that such communications will be received and read in a timely fashion. Official email communications are intended only to meet the academic and administrative needs of the college community.

2. Assignment of student email. South Central College official email accounts are avail-­
able for all enrolled students. The email addresses are all of the form [username]

3. Redirection of email. If students wish to have email redirected from their official address to another email address (e.g.,,, they may do so but at their own risk. South Central College will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside providers. Having email redirected does not absolve students from the responsibilities associated with official communication sent to their accounts.

4. Expectations about student use of email. Students are expected to check their SCC email account on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with South Central College communications. SCC recommends checking e-­mail once a week at a minimum in recognition that certain communications may be time­critical. Not checking email, an error in forwarding mail and email returned to the college with “Mailbox Full” or “User Unknown” are not acceptable excuses for missing official college communications via email.

5. Authentication for confidential information. It is a violation of college policy for any user of official email addresses to impersonate a college office, faculty/staff member or student. To minimize this risk, some confidential information may be made available only through Minnesota State portals, which are password protected. In these cases, students will receive email correspondence directing them to a Minnesota State portal where they can access the confidential information only by supplying their student ID and PIN. The confidential information will not be available in the email message.

6. Privacy. Users should exercise extreme caution in using email to communicate confidential or sensitive matters and should not assume that email is private and confidential. It is especially important that users are careful to send messages only to the in-­ tended recipient(s). Particular care should be taken when using the “reply” command during email correspondence.

7. Educational uses of email. SCC faculty will determine how electronic forms of communication (e.g., email) will be used in their classes and will specify their requirements in the course syllabi. This “Official Student Email Policy” will ensure that all students will be able to comply with email-­based course requirements specified by faculty. Faculty can, therefore, make the assumption that student’s official accounts are being accessed and faculty can use email for their classes accordingly.

This policy complies with the guidelines as found in:

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.22 -­ Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Procedure 5.22.1 -­ Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources