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Purpose:  Creation of a new program or adoption of existing Minnesota State program

Definitions:   South Central College will follow Minnesota State Board Policy #3.36 Academic Programs

List related policies, procedures or plans here (if any)

  • SCC New Program Procedure 4000.19.1
  • Curriculum Committee Charter / Bylaws

Procedure:  Follow guidance as outlined in Minnesota State System Procedure #3.36.1, Academic Programs, subpart A. Approval of New Academic Programs, to determine feasibility of adoption of new program

  1. Discuss intention to develop a new program within the respective discipline area to include faculty, Deans, advisory boards and other constituents
  2. Consult with leadership for the following functional areas, not necessarily in this respective order:
    1. Office of the President
    2. Academic Affairs
    3. Student Affairs
    4. Office of Registrar
    5. Financial Aid
    6. Admissions
    7. Institutional Research
    8. Finance and Operations
    9. Information Technology
    10. Human Resources
    11. Economic Development
    12. Other areas as applicable to program request
  3. If supported, submit request to Curriculum Committee, using the Checklist for Reviewing Curriculum Projects as a guideline.  Follow Curriculum Committee protocol for approval of a new program.
  4. If approved by Curriculum Committee and Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs , program will be discussed during an upcoming Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC) meeting
  5. If supported by AASC, program will proceed through the new curriculum approval process through Minnesota State, which includes a 10-day review as a Notice of Intent to develop a new program.

Date & Subject of Revisions:  January 18, 2019