Purpose: Provide clear and consistent practices for accepting credit for college coursework to SCC. 

Definition:  Transfer students are students who have attended a college or university and have attempted / earned college or university credit.

Applicability:  Transfer students must follow the same admissions requirements as new students, along with submitting transcripts.  Students may need to meet with the SCC Transfer Coordinator for the purpose of evaluating previous college transcripts.

Transfer for Credit
Credits for transfer from MnSCU colleges and universities shall follow the MnSCU

Undergraduate Transfer Policy

  1. South Central College will also review transfer of credit for courses from colleges and universities that are not a part of MnSCU.  Credits will be accepted based on course outcomes, content and level.
  2. SCC determines which credits transfer and whether those credits meet its degree requirements. The accreditation of the sending institution may affect the transfer of the credits.
  3. Students requesting credit transfers must have an official transcript from all previously attended colleges submitted to SCC.
  4. SCC will accept credits defined within an approved, formal articulation agreement it has with a sending institution.
  5. SCC may accept up to 16 occupational and/or professional credits as electives toward the Associate of Arts Degree.
  6. In order to review credits granted by institutions outside the United States, SCC requires an official evaluation be done by a recognized credit-evaluation agency.
  7. Developmental courses will not be granted college-level credit and they will not apply to certificate, diploma, or degree program completion requirements.
  8. Public colleges and universities in Minnesota have developed a common liberal arts education curriculum called the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Completion of this defined transfer curriculum (40 credits) at one institution enables a student to receive credit for all lower-division general education requirements upon admission to any other Minnesota public institution (Reference:  MnSCU Board Policy 3.37.1 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum).
  9. The student must have received a passing grade of at least ‘D-‘ (.66) in order to transfer a specific MNTC course. The student must have received a grade of `C-' (1.66) or better in order to transfer a non-MNTC course. Specific program requirements must also be met, including additional GPA requirements.

List related policies, procedures or plans here: 

  • MnSCU Board Policy/Procedure 3.21/3.21.1 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer); 3.37.1 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum; SCC Transfer Procedure.

Transfer Procedure:

  1. The student must complete the SCC Admissions Process.
  2. Official college transcripts must be received from every previously attended college or university.  A high school transcript or GED is also required.
  3. After the college sends notification of acceptance for admissions, and just prior to the on-campus orientation, submitted official transcripts will be evaluated for transferable equivalency.
  4. The Transfer Coordinator will consult with faculty members to complete a comparison of course outcomes.  If the course meets at least 75% of the outcomes of a similar course at SCC, the course will transfer as equivalent to an SCC course.   Documentation of  which outcomes are met/not met in determining whether 75% equivalency has been met will remain on file in the office of the Transfer Coordinator.
  5. The college will provide to the student a copy of their revised South Central College Transcript or DARS Report indicating courses that transferred to meet program requirements.
  6. The student is responsible for verifying that all transcripts have been received and should notify the college if they believe that additional coursework should be evaluated.
  7. If there are questions about the transfer evaluation, the student should discuss these with the Transfer Coordinator.
  8. Additional supporting documentation may be required (course syllabus, course description, common course outline) to support a request to transfer college credits.

Transfer Appeal Process
Any appeals of the transfer evaluation must use this process: 

  1. Meet with the Transfer Coordinator to provide clarification of the transfer evaluation. If the student is not satisfied with the result of this meeting, she or he may proceed to the next step.
  2. Submit a written appeal (using the Transfer Course Evaluation Appeal Form) to the SCC Appeal Committee regarding the result of the transfer. The Committee (Dean of Students Affairs, Academic Dean, Registrar) will examine what courses have been completed and make a final determination on the transfer evaluation. 
  3. An appeal at the MnSCU Level is available if the college level appeal is not successful. Information can be found at www.minnstate.edu/board /procedure/321p1.html.

Date & Subject of Last Revisions:   December 11, 2015