Incomplete Grades Procedure #4000.10.1

Purpose: This procedure outlines the process for assigning an incomplete grade.

An instructor may assign a grade of “I” (Incomplete) to a student who fails to complete a course due to circumstances beyond his or her control when the work can be made up without retaking the course.

The instructor and student will agree upon the work to be completed and the deadline by which it must be done. The Incomplete Coursework Form must be signed by the instructor and the student, and submitted to the Academic Dean’s Office for approval.  Faculty will assign the grade of "I" online when submitting all grades.  Once work is completed, faculty will submit a Grade Change form to Records Office.  If the assigned work has not been completed by the end of the following semester (not including summer), the Incomplete will automatically change to an F.

If the instructor who assigned the Incomplete is no longer employed at South Central College, the student should contact the appropriate academic dean, who may then arrange for resolving the grade.

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Date & Subject of Revisions: April 21, 2017