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Purpose:  To provide students with consistent guidelines regarding attendance at South Central College.

Part 1:  Student Attendance:  Students are expected to attend all classes and are responsible for all instruction and coursework.
Subpart A:  Failure to fulfill course obligations because of illness, accident or other unavoidable circumstances must be discussed with instructors. 
Subpart B: Whenever possible, arrangements to make up work should be made in advance.
Subpart C:  Students should understand that some faculty members consider participation when determining final grades.
Subpart D:  Faculty members are not obligated to provide instruction, make alternate arrangements nor accept late coursework from students who miss class for any reason.
Subpart E:  Faculty expectations of student attendance which are laid out in the course syllabus are the responsibility of the student to read, understand, and follow.

Part 2:  Last Day of Attendance
Subpart A:  Federal regulations require faculty to report attendance information for students who have stopped attending class or those who never attended. A student who is reported to have stopped attending will be assigned a grade of FW for that class, and a student who is reported to have never attended will be assigned a grade of FN. Financial aid may be reduced or cancelled based on student attendance information.  Prior to the course withdrawal deadline, students may visit the Records Office to change an FN, FW grade to a W (withdrawal). The last date of attendance that was reported by faculty will remain unchanged, so the impact on the student's financial aid award for that semester will remain unchanged, as well.

Part 4: Accommodation of Religious Observation
South Central College strongly supports the diversity of the beliefs and religions represented by our student body. The College will provide reasonable flexibility when religious observances occasionally conflict with academic obligations such as class attendance, activities, assignments, examinations and other course requirements.

Students must inform instructors of such conflicts in advance and in a timely manner. Students remain responsible for all class work and other academic obligations missed as a result of their absence.

Part 5:  Cancellation of Classes
Class meetings may be cancelled because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances or because of an instructor's illness, emergency or professional development activities.
When faculty absences are known in advance, instructors will notify students during class periods, through email, D2L, and may give alternate assignments.
For unplanned absences, a note will be posted outside the classroom informing students that the class will not be held, and posted on college monitors.

Related policies, procedures or plans: 

  • Policy:  3000.02 STU Attendance

Date of Final Approval / Policy Adoption:  April 21, 2017