What is AMP?

South Central College students are some of the most talented students in Southern Minnesota. Most find that, with hard work and diligence, they can maintain a grade-point average (GPA) and completion rate that meets or surpasses our established norms. However, students occasionally may find that their academic performance is suffering. Students are placed on academic warning when their cumulative GPA is under a 2.0 and/or their cumulative completion rate is under 67%.

The AMP program is a South Central College initiative that is designed to help those students who are experiencing academic difficulty, including those students who are Reinstated to SCC or are on Academic Probation or Warning status.

Program Benefits

This program is designed to help students improve their academic standing at SCC. During a semester of working with an AMP Advisor, students will create strategies and goals to improve their chances of academic success. All students who are on academic warning or reinstated due to a suspension must participate in the AMP program. Students that are suspended are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their AMP advisor. If students do not fulfill all AIM program requirements, they will not receive a letter of recommendation. Students that participate in AMP will be able to register when their registration window opens for the semester. Students that do not participate will be unable to register for classes until grades are in at the end of the semester.

Who is required to participate in AMP?

*** Students who do not meet the AMP program participation requirements could face a delay in their ability to register for subsequent semesters or could not receive a letter of support if they need to appeal their academic suspension.

What you need to do - All students participating in the AMP program will be required to do the following: