Advanced Placement is a program of the College Entrance Examination Board through which secondary students complete college-level courses in high schools that are designated as AP and earn college credits by demonstrating a specified level of performance on AP examinations. The AP examinations, which are scored on a 5-point scale, can be taken by any student who feels prepared by independent study or other preparation as well as by students who complete AP courses.

SCC will grant credit for AP examinations according to the following:

  1. The student must provide the College Board Advanced Placement Student Grade Report (a high school transcript is not sufficient).
  2. A score of 3 shall be the minimum for credit awards.
  3. Credits will be granted based on MnSCU Board Policies.
Resources: - A multi-state online tool that helps you determine course equivalencies, program requirements and applicability of coursework when transferring between schools.

AASC 11/12/10