Situations may arise in which students believe that they have not received fair treatment by the college or may have a complaint about the performance, action or inaction of a member of the College community affecting them. A student who wishes to have the College address a complaint must first use the complaint procedure and then may use the grievance procedure if the complaint procedure proves unsatisfactory. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the office of Student Affairs, their advisor or another member of the faculty or staff for assistance/direction.
Complaint Procedure
This informal procedure allows discussion of a problem and possible resolution. However, action will not be taken against the defendant unless the complainant consents to be identified.

If the complaint cannot be resolved within one week, the student shall then proceed to the written grievance procedure. Students uncertain about the proper channels or process are encouraged to seek advice from the Dean of Students or their faculty advisor.
Grievance Procedure
Students who believe that they have not received fair treatment or the appropriate outcome through Level I and II of the complaint procedure may file a written grievance with the office of the college Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Appeal Procedure


AASC 10/14/11