Letter grades will be assigned to each course as an evaluation of student performance. In addition, the following weighted system will be used to determine a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA):

A = 4.00 C = 2.00 AU = AUDIT
A- = 3.66 C- = 1.66 CR = TEST-OUT
B+ = 3.33 D+ = 1.33 I = INCOMPLETE
B = 3.00 D = 1.00 P = PASS
B- = 2.66 D- = 0.66 W = WITHDRAW
C+ = 2.33 F = 0 Z = NO GRADE ASSIGNED
    FN = Failure/Not Attending

Grade Change Policy

  1. A change of grade will be accepted by the office of the Registrar only if properly signed by the instructor or at the discretion of the academic dean if the instructor is not employed by the college.
  2. Grade changes will be accepted for up to two calendar years from the original term of enrollment for the course.
  3. Changes will be accepted for I (incomplete), Z (grade unknown) and in the event of error in the calculation of the original grade.

Academic Grade Dispute Procedure

Students have the right to dispute unfair or arbitrary grades. A student must first talk with the instructor. If satisfaction is not reached, the student may next talk with the Academic Dean in charge of the instructor’s division. If satisfaction is still not achieved, the student may file a formal grievance following the steps outlined in the Student Complaint and Grievance Procedure. Grading decisions supported by published policies or stated expectations of faculty are not open to grievance.

AASC 3/18/11