Students are eligible for graduation when they have successfully fulfilled the requirements of a Certificate, Diploma of Occupational Proficiency, an Associate in Applied Science Degree, an Associate in Arts Degree, or an Associate in Science Degree.

Requirements for graduation also include the following:

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. (Some programs require a higher minimum cumulative GPA).
  • Passing grades (D- or above) in all required courses. (Some programs require minimum grades of C or better)
  • Student has met all South Central College degree and program requirements.
  • Completed graduation application has been reviewed and approved by program advisor and Registrar’s office.

Graduation requirements in effect at the time the student declares a major will apply for the entire length of program enrollment as long as the student is continuously enrolled. Students may elect to follow newer program requirements but must meet all of the newer requirements including Liberal Arts & Sciences.

  • Deficiencies in graduation requirements must be completed within two years after receipt of deficiency letter from the Registrar of SCC.
  • Students that have not completed the Application for Graduation and interrupt enrollment, will follow the current graduation requirements upon re-enrollment.

Students completing multiple programs in one department will be granted the highest award only if the content of the lower awards is included in the higher.

Graduation ceremonies are held on each campus at the end of spring term for all graduates.


Students must complete a Graduation Application form during the term that precedes the term of graduation. Students must review their progress with their program advisor and determine courses that need to be taken during the last term of enrollment to complete graduation requirements. The submission of the graduation application will grant priority status for the student’s final term registration if submitted by published deadline. Any exceptions to published program requirements must be approved and documented before graduation.


Honors for graduation will be determined based on a student’s cumulative GPA at the completion of his/her program according to the following scale: Honors 3.3-3.49; High Honors 3.5-3.79; and Highest Honors 3.8-4.0. Because the commencement ceremony is held before the term grades have been reported, graduation honors to be listed in the commencement program will be calculated using the most current GPA. Final honors will be calculated when all coursework has been completed and final grades have been recorded.

Academic Review

The academic review policy is designed to assist students in overcoming academic difficulties they may have experienced due to improper program selection. The policy allows the Registrar to calculate a program GPA specific only to the current program of study rather than relying on the cumulative GPA for completion of degree requirements.

A student may be eligible for an academic review if all of the following criteria have been met:

  • Student completes a form requesting the academic review in the Registrar’s Office at the time of application for graduation.
  • Student has changed program of study since enrollment at SCC.
  • Student has completed at least 24 semester SCC credits consecutively since the last F was earned without obtaining any FN, P, I, or Z grades.
  • Student must have maintained a term GPA of at least 2.0 during each of those semesters.
  • Student has not completed any other degrees, diplomas or certificates at SCC.

Upon eligibility determination, the Registrar will recalculate the program GPA which will include all Liberal Arts & Sciences, major and elective credits used to complete the degree requirements. If substitutions in the student’s program have occurred, the program GPA will be calculated using the substituted course(s). A student is eligible for academic review only once.


Credits for transfer from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System shall follow the MnSCU Undergraduate Transfer Policy.

Specific program requirements as well as Complaint/Grievance Procedure guidelines are outlined in greater detail in the college catalog.

AASC 1/28/11