As part of the re-accreditation process, South Central College embarked on a two-year self-study period in February 2008. Self-study involves teams of faculty, staff, administrators, and students (Criterion Teams) who assess SCC’s practices and outcomes against the expectations of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). These “expectations” are referred to as The Criteria for Accreditation and address five areas of the college including: how we live our mission, how we plan and budget, how we determine student learning outcomes and assess those outcomes, how we prepare our students to be lifelong learners, and how we contribute to the larger community.

Each Criterion Team has been assigned a specific Criterion and is responsible for developing a body of evidence that “proves” SCC is meeting the expectations of the HLC. This body of evidence will include examples of past and current policies, procedures, and practices, data and interpretation, and explanations of changes made (or recommended) based on thorough analysis. The result of this work will culminate in a written report.

A Steering Committee oversees the work of the five Criterion Teams. Below is a graphic representation of the self-study structure. Please note that a variety of stakeholders will be included in the process.

Planning Process Chart

The Comprehensive Visit

At the end of the self-study process, a team of evaluators (peers from similar institutions who are members of HLC) will read our self-study report, visit our campus February 1-3, 2010, and supply a set of recommended changes/improvements that we will need to make in order to maintain accreditation status.

The Importance of Other Key Stakeholders
As we proceed through the self-study period, we will be looking for ways to include students, educational and business partners, and the general public. All ideas are welcome!