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The Big Show

Posted on in Remember When?

It was 1983 and everything was “big”. Big Hair, big bows and so much more. For more than a decade South Central sales and marketing staff (our very own Roberta Moorhouse) and students hosted an annual fashion show as part of a larger open house event on campus. Students borrowed the latest in clothing from local business such as the Lorraine Shop and Matt J. Graif. 

We found a few photos and fond memories, please post any other "Big Show" or other SCC Fashion show photos you may have.  Do you know who some of these students are?  We'd love to hear who they are and what they are up to these days (post your comments - this will be fun!)

Group Two Photo 7 - Copy    Group One Photo 1  Group Four Photo 2  Group One Photo 4  Group Two Photo 2     Group Two Photo 3  Group Two Photo 1     Group Two Photo 4Group Two Photo 5 - Copy  Group Two Photo 6

Click here to visit the Alumni blog for more photos from “The Big Show” as well as other shows over the years.


South Central College Spans Multiple Decades

Posted on in Remember When?

The rich history of South Central College spans many decades… starting when the local school district began offering agricultural and industrial arts courses to high school students and community members in 1946.  Alumni from the early days of the learning institution that has evolved into today’s South Central College experienced the following fads of the Fifties…

Poodle Skirts:  Full skirts that normally fell just below the knee, embellished with an appliqued Poodle. Youth from the era might have worn this type of skirt to a… 

Sock Hop:  These school-sponsored dances were often held in gymnasiums.  Teens willingly removed their shoes to protect the gymnasium floor.  At the Sock Hop, these students might have experienced another fad of the times…

The Twist:  A dance made famous by Chubby Checker.  On other evenings, they might have enjoyed…

Drive-In Theatres, which successfully combined the movie craze and the automobile craze.  If they wanted to see a movie indoors…

3-D Movies were very popular, including Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Alumni from any time in SCC’s history are certain to have fond memories.  What decade did you attend SCC? Please share your memories by commenting...


Mankato Technical Institute Became Mankato Technical College

Posted on in Remember When?



On August 1, 1989 officially the name changed for all of the state’s post-secondary vocational schools from Minnesota’s technical institutes to technical colleges.

The college unveiled its new sign at a ceremony recognizing the name change. “The name change is a positive step in student’s eyes,” said Monica Pinske, President of the Mankato Technical College Student Senate. “The name ‘institute’ always had negative overtones.” At the ceremony it was stated the main reason for the name change is to “enhance the competitiveness of our graduates,” said Joe Graba, Director of Vocational Education. “Without this change, our graduates are at a disadvantage when going into the job market with an ‘institution’ diploma instead of a ‘college’ diploma.”

Those in front of the sign are Joe Graba, Director of Vocational Education; Monica Pinske, Student Senate President; Representative Sal Frederick and President John Votca.

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Registering for classes before online registration

Posted on in Remember When?


As we welcome students back to campus for the start of spring semester, we reflect on the process to register for classes. Registration now takes place online; an easier process compared to what students had to endure in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Before the online registration process started in 1998, students had to fill out a registration form and stand in line to meet with staff who would enter classes into the computer and print out a schedule. The whole time you were in line, you kept your fingers crossed for the classes not to be filled; otherwise back to the end of the line.




Class of 1947

Posted on in Remember When?

Another semester is quickly coming to an end at South Central College, and that means more trained graduates will be entering the workforce. However, the first graduating class from Mankato Vocational School was in 1947 (pictured).


The Kline Garage in downtown Mankato was the first site for the vocational school that offered programs in electrical careers, machine tool and auto mechanics.

The Mankato Vocational School, governed by the Mankato School District, was founded in 1946 as the first public post-secondary vocational-technical school in Minnesota.

Do you recognize any graduates in this photo?


Dedication of Heritage Hall - December 6, 1990

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Summer of Sixty-Two

On December 6, 1990, Chief Ernest Wabasha participated in a dedication ceremony in Heritage Hall, which commemorated a painting by SCC's first Commercial Art instructor, Rod Furan. “Summer of Sixty-Two” depicts a Dakota Indian hunting party on the banks of the Minnesota River during the summer of 1862.

About the Artist
Rod Furan was the first Commercial Art instructor for South Central College. He was hired in the spring of 1968, with the charge of writing the curriculum for a completely new approach to teaching Commercial Art. He began the new program that fall, and continued teaching until there was a need for his family to move to a warmer climate in April of 1979. Rod Furan is an accomplished commercial and fine artist with more than fifty years of professional experience. Today, he specializes in oil and acrylic paintings depicting the traditions of the American West. Rod’s work has been presented in shows and galleries throughout the U.S. 

A limited supply of signed and numbered prints are available at the Blue Earth County Historical Society and South Central College Bookstore. The full-color reproduction measures 18” x 24”.


What's in a name?

Posted on in Remember When?
Did you know...South Central College used to hail by many different names... Can you remember what they all were? What was it called when you were in school?

June 1994

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In 1994, comedian and actor Jerry Lewis came to “South Central Technical College” to address graduating seniors. Lewis was invited to speak by then “SCTC” President and longtime Lewis friend Dr. Ken Mills. Mills, who passed away in 2009, also bestowed an honorary degree on Lewis at the event. Lewis continues to work and make public appearances at the age of 87.   Photo Source: Lakeland Ledger