Delta Epsilon Chi State Career Development Conference Update

The State DEX Conference was held on February 23 to the 25th in Mankato at the Verizon Wireless Center.  The conference made the front page of the Free Press on Thursday, the 25th.  South Central College had 44 students in attendance from the Marketing Management, Business Management and Culinary Programs at SCC.  A special thanks to you from SCC who helped with the judging during the conference!

There were twenty-three finalists in the various Marketing and Business Events.  17 Culinary students competed in just one round of competition that was held on the North Mankato Campus, thanks to the guidance and help of Jim Hanson, Culinary Instructor.   DEX Advisor, Roberta Moorhouse assisted in preparing students and in the organization of the State-wide conference.

Student Awards Went To:
Fashion Merchandising and Marketing: Jody Becker 1st Place
Financial Services: Lyle Fredericks finalist
Hospitality: Justin Kratzke, 2nd place and Tom Polich, Finalist
Restaurant and Food Service Management: Jamison Burgess, finalist
Business Ethics: Justin Kratzke and Jamison Burgess, 1st Place
  Nicole Hilger and Lexy Fritz Finalists
Business-to-Business Marketing: Lyle Fredericks and Joshua Rohlfing Finalists
  Jerad Willford and Andy Manning Finalists
Marketing Management: Brady Smith 4th Place
Sales Management Meeting: Mike Miller, finalist
Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Mike Miller and Matt Sultze, Finalists
  Ruben Jones and Martin Olson, Finalists
Entrepreneurship: Jody Becker, Finalist
Sales Representative 1st Year: Joshua Rohlfing, Finalist
Sales Representative 2nd Year: Andy Manning, Finalist
Web Site Design: Martin Olson, 2nd Place
Culinary Management Institute: Clara Hanson and Dan Johnson, 2nd place

Numerous students in Culinary qualified for national competition. The International Career Development Conference is being held in Louisville Kentucky April 16th to the 21st.  Students will be traveling by bus, to the conference to save costs, with their advisors Roberta Moorhouse and Jim Hanson.  Please wish all the conference attendees the best of luck in their respective events at the 2010 Delta Epsilon Chi International Career Development Conference!