A Brief History

The All-State Academic Team was introduced nearly 20 years ago to honor and recognize two-year college students for their leadership, academic achievement, and community and college service. In 1994, state academic teams were introduced as a way to provide scholarships and scholastic recognition to Phi Theta Kappa members while promoting excellence at two-year colleges. The state academic teams are a division of the Academic All-American Team for Community, Technical and Junior College Students, an international program sponsored annually by Phi Theta Kappa, USA Today, and the American Association of Community Colleges.

Minnesota’s public community and technical colleges are proud to be part of a tradition that showcases the high achievements of students who are committed to success in the classroom and service to their communities. By recognizing these students, Minnesota demonstrates a commitment to scholarship and community service as essential objectives in the state’s public community and technical colleges.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges, symbolizes excellence in higher education and a commitment to students.

Phi Theta Kappa has recognized and encouraged scholarship among two-year college students for 80 years, providing stimulation and enrichment while promoting the academic integrity of the associate degree program. For these reasons, the American Association of Community Colleges has designated Phi Theta Kappa the official honor society for two-year colleges.

Travis Henderson

Major: Nursing
GPA: 4.0 Age: 41
Future Plans: Become a RN, pursue bachelor's degree

Wrangell, a city of some 2,300 residents and Travis Henderson's hometown, ranks as one of the oldest non-native settlements in the state of Alaska. Travis looks to serve as a registered nurse early in his professional career. In the more distant future, he hopes to obtain a more advanced degree in the health care field. An exemplary student, he was named to the President's List on several occasions. He enjoys reading and many outdoor activities such as tennis, hockey, fishing and hiking among others. "I plan to be a driving force for health education, and a role model for the community I settle in."

Peter Hunt

Major: Liberal Arts
GPA: 3.97
Age: 23
Future Plans: Pursue bachelor's degree

Peter Hunt, who calls Mankato, Minn., his hometown, is passionate about higher education. His career plans include pursuing a profession in this field. Peter is president of his Phi Theta Kappa chapter at South Central College. A standout student, he has made the President's List several times. He enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, running and the great outdoors. Dedicated to community service, Peter has worked hard to assist families experiencing hardships. "Everyone needs some help from time to time, and these families are going to get ours this holiday season. It really gives mes a sense of joy to be able to say that I've put my best effort towards an endeavor that will directly impact the lives of a local family in need."

Fran Nelson

Major: Associate of arts degree
GPA: 3.76 Age: 22
Future Plans: Pursue bachelor's degree

Fran Nelson hails from Faribault, Minn., which is regarded as one of Minnesota's most historic communities. While pursuing her associate of arts degree at South Central, Fran has uncovered her academic aptitude and is now planning a future in education that she hopes will lead her to a career as an English instructor at a four-year university. "When I started, I wasn't even considering attending another college. I was attending South Central so I wasn't wasting time or my future. After seeing my grades the first semester, I decided that I wanted to have a future beyond an associate of arts degree." In addition to demonstrating academic excellence, Fran is president of her Phi Theta Kappa Chapter and was awarded a scholarship from Hy-Vee in Faribault this past fall, recognizing her academic and personal achievements.