Marsha_DanielsonBy Marsha Danielson, Dean of Economic Development

Thursday, October 4 • Business Marketing through Facebook Presenter: Shayne Narjes
Check out ways to use Facebook in practical ways to increase word-of-mouth marketing and increase branding with a reasonable time investment.
• Trends in social media marketing
• Use of Facebook by businesses
• Word-of-Mouth marketing via FB
• Spending time that is worth money

Thursday, November 1 • Demystifying Financial Statements Presenter: Doug Yentsch

• Basic elements of the accounting equation.
• Financial statements, how they interrelate and the information each provides.
• Ratio analysis and why it's important to both managers and investor/owners.
• Potential problems associated with financial statement analysis.
• The most important ingredient (factor) in financial statement analysis.

Thursday, December 6 • How to use Financial Statements Presenter: Doug Yentsch
• How investors utilize financial statements.
• Complications with constructing pro forma financial statements.
• Calculating operating breakeven/operating leverage; financial leverage, and total leverage.
• Using knowledge of leverage in forecasting and why financial planning is critical to survival.
• Importance of constructing a cash budget and information in a cash budget

For more information contact the Center for Business and Industry at 507.389.7203.

Knutson to Facilitate New Executive Dialogue in Faribault
CBI Business Development Consultant, Brian Knutson, will be facilitating a new Executive Dialogue group in Faribault beginning this fall. The goal of the Executive Dialogue is to foster open and frank communications among peers around key business and community issues. The group brings local business leaders together for powerful idea sharing and problem solving in a friendly and confidential setting.

The program of six sessions will run through April on dates determined by participants. The sessions will be held at the Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce or at participants businesses.

Please contact the Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce at 507.334.4381 if you would like to reserve a space in this program.