Marsha_DanielsonJulie Frederick, RN, BSN, MBA joins SCC as Healthcare Coordinator

We are excited that Julie Frederick has joined the SCC staff as a Healthcare Coordinator. Her role will be two-fold: 50% serving CBI to assist healthcare businesses and organizations in meeting the need for a skilled workforce through employee and organizational education and training and 50% serving the Department of Labor Healthcare Grant to establish continuing education and certification preparation for the fields of Pharmacy Technology, Medical Assisting, Health Unit Coordinators and Practical Nursing. Additionally, Julie will work with Health Support Specialist, Electronic Medical Records and Simulation programs.

Frederick brings twenty five years of healthcare experience to the position including leading 1) teams that provided clinical support for hospitals implementing electronic medical records with barcode medication administration and critical care 2) teams that provided education and implementation of a patient classification, acuity systems within acute care hospitals 3) Staffing / Resource Teams, Patient Admission Facilitators and the Gold Cross Transport Team as well as serving ISJ-Mayo Health System as an RN and Nurse Manager.

Julie has an extensive presence in well-known, peer-reviewed healthcare publications, and she is an avid presenter at healthcare forums. She is active in numerous healthcare professional organizations as well as holding leadership roles in several community organizations.

Weller selected as participant in Weapons of Mass Destruction Training
Eric Weller will be attending an Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command experience sponsored by Homeland Security Services at the world-class National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center in College Station, Texas the first week of February.

The Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command experience focuses on incident management skills, staff responsibilities and decision-making skills using a training simulator to offer a challenging decision-making environment in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) scenarios chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) scenarios.

Eric will learn best practices in the industry and bring these new and enhanced skills back to South Central College and area emergency response professionals.

CBI Business, Computer & Technology Training and Education
The Center for Business and Industry strongly supports our Foundations and has provided several unique training packages available during their Online Auction that runs through February 9th! If you know of an individual or business interested in the following training packages, please direct them to:

The Paradigm Shift Toward Women Leaders Certificate Online – 30 hours Value $895
This certificate involves a series of online courses that reveal the secrets of successful women business leaders. It teaches women how to become players in the business world and make careers work for them.

CBI Manufacturing Training and Education
CBI provides basic and advanced skills training for the manufacturing and process industries. CBI offers hands-on basic instruction in applied math, print reading and precision measuring, as well as advanced training in quality, lean manufacturing, process improvement, welding, machining, control systems, green energy and industrial maintenance.

ToolingU One Year Subscription
ToolingU training is organized into job-specific competencies that are required for common industry jobs (foundational; assembly; machining; maintenance; welding and fabrication and plastic and composite processing) . Let CBI help you structure a training program with unique online classes and hands-on tasks to fit your specific organization’s needs.

CBI Workplace Safety Training and Education
CBI is your premier source for safety and health training and education. CBI’s safety professionals are your key to both OSHA and MSHA regulatory compliance. Plus, our staff of certified safety and health consultants will help your business move beyond compliance to ensure a safe working environment.

Facility Safety Audit
Value $1400
An on-site facility safety audit is an inventory of items specifically geared to your operations. As part of the audit, you receive a written report outlining issues that need to be corrected in order to avoid employee accident, injury, illness and to circumvent potential OSHA citations and fines. It allows you to take action, correct hazards, and determine the appropriate steps to take to achieve your desired safety goals.

CBI Public Safety & Driving Training and Education
CBI offers training and education to help save Minnesota lives. Our courses include driver’s improvement and motorcycle training as well as offering fire and law enforcement professionals the skills and teamwork necessary to be prepared when duty calls.

Fire Safety Kit
Value $ 75
Fire is the fourth-leading cause of accidental death in the United States and the disaster families are most likely to experience. This Fire Safety Kit includes a smoke detector, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector for your safety.

CBI Healthcare Training and Education
Committed to keeping our region’s communities healthy, CBI offers education for EMTs, paramedics, first responders, nurses and healthcare providers, early childhood educators and personal care home administrators. Stay current, competent and safe in the healthcare career of your choice with CBI continuing education.

SCC Nursing CEU course/First Aid Basket
Value $99
CBI is committed to the professional growth and lifelong learning of nurses by supplying affordable nurse continuing education courses. Area nurses rely on CBI’s continuing education courses to stay abreast of current issues and best practices needed to perform their jobs. Select one SCC Nursing CEU course within the nurse specialty of your choice.

The comfort basket includes a first aid kit, a cuddly bear and rich dark chocolate treats.
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