Johnna_HortonBy Johnna Horton

When I was asked if I'd be willing to be Interim Chair of the Diversity Committee, I doubted that I knew enough about diversity; I worried that I didn't have a clear vision of what diversity should be; and most of all, I questioned my ability to lead a committee made up of people who are so passionate about diversity.

I've come to the conclusion that everything is an opportunity for growth, and this is mine. Luckily, we have amazing people like Kirstin Cronn-Mills willing to help us grow.

Diversity Allies Training is an in-house program led by Kirstin to help us think critically about how we communicate with others and how we understand the power of individual stories. This training is more general than the Wake Up to Diversity because we won't be learning about specific groups or cultures; instead, the focus will be on how to learn from and interact with others, regardless of background, culture, or creed.

If you think this might be your opportunity for growth, email Kirstin and get on the list.
Dates: Friday, October 26, 3 – 5 pm
Friday, February 22, 3 – 5 pm
Thursday, March 26, 4 – 6 pm (student session- but all are welcome to attend)