Sexual Assault Awareness Month Presentation Series (3 one hour sessions)

Monday Apr. 16, 2018 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. South Central College students and employees are joining together to raise awareness of sexual assaults. Join us for a series of presentations and panel discussions by experts from South Central College and Committee Against Domestic Violence (CADA) on April 16 in Conference Center A on SCC's North Mankato Campus. For more details, visit

Love Shouldn’t Hurt (9 - 9:50 am)
Presented by Porter Arch, Education Program Manager at CADA
Intimate partner violence (IPV) is widespread, deeply rooted in our culture, and influences many facets of our daily lives.   Many of the daily messages we receive through music and film suggest that intimate partnerships should be difficult and that love is painful.  However, the truth is that everyone should feel safe and secure in their relationships! This session will allow participants to explore the dynamics and complexity of relationship violence and receive resources to help themselves and their loved ones.  If we ever hope to stop IPV, we all must engage in this conversation.

Bystander Intervention Training (10 - 10:50 am)
Presented by Porter Arch, Education Program Manager at CADA
Sexual violence is a community health problem that requires a community response!  Join us to learn how to recognize warning signs that someone might be in danger of being sexually assaulted and several effective ways to safely intervene when a troubling situation arises. There will be opportunities to assess your current comfort level with intervening, specific barriers to intervention, and safety tips so that you can safely help each other.  Don’t be a passive bystander—We are all responsible for each other’s well-being!
What Happens In a Sexual Violence Investigation (11 - 11:50 am) 
A panel discussion among professionals who assist victims involved in sexual violence
•CADA Victim Service:  Porter Arch
•Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office:  Marc Chadderdon
•Medical/Hospital Services:  Gail Norris
•South Central College:  Lisa Schickling, College Counselor & Al Kluever, Security & Safety Director
This group of professionals will provide a short presentation on their or their agencies role during any type of sexual violence incident or report.  The group will then, in a panel discussion format, open the floor to any attendee’s comments, questions or concerns and respond to them individually or as a group focus. This is a chance to learn from professionals who work with victims of sexual violence.

Note:  There is also a Self Defense on  Thursday, April 26 just for South Central College Students only from Noon - 1:30 pm in the Fitness Center. Space is limited - sign up in the StudentLife Office