Mentally Strong: Resilience & Stress Management

Tuesday Aug. 20, 2019 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Throughout the course of our lives we will all experience stress. From homework and work deadlines, to relationship troubles and financial woes, it’s easy to be stressed. Research shows that people who have high mental resilience and bring a mindful awareness to the way they live their lives are more likely to achieve success, have a higher level of personal fulfillment, and are generally happier. This illustrates the importance of developing a resilient mindset and cultivating a mindful awareness. Having these tools will help us keep control and bounce back in the face of stress and adversity.
In this 8-week course you will learn about the science and practices of developing a resilient mindset and creating mindful awareness through short lectures, in-class discussions, individual and guided practice of stress-reduction techniques and mindfulness exercises, along with reflection activities. Topics covered will include the psychological and physiological effects of stress on a person, research supported stress-management techniques, fostering mindful awareness, traits for developing a resilient mindset, science-based methods of goal setting, and tools to promote a positive perspective.

Course Outcomes:
  •     Define key components of a resilient mindset
  •     Recognize the physiological and psychological effects of stress
  •     Identify scientifically supported stress-reduction techniques
  •     Practice performing guided and individual stress-reduction activities
  •     Cultivate skills to promote a mindful awareness
  •     Create goals and action plans using research-based methods
  •     Develop a “mental toolkit” for positive perspective
Two ways to attend:
- In-person at South Central Service Cooperative, 2075 Lookout Drive, North Mankato, MN 
- Virtually from any location with live video conferencing