Motorcycle Intermediate Rider Course

Sunday Jul. 28, 2019 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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If you are comfortable on your own motorcycle or scooter, the 5-hour Intermediate Rider Course will build upon your existing skills and knowledge. Newer motorcyclists, returning riders and experienced motorcyclists can all benefit from this course. The Intermediate Rider Course covers control, finesse, counter steering, cornering, swerving and braking. Make the Intermediate Rider Course an annual tune up for your riding skills. Groups or clubs may purchase an entire Intermediate Rider Course for only $300. Passengers may participate for free.

You must possess a valid driver's license with either a motorcycle endorsement or a motorcycle instruction permit. Riders must be proficient with the basic skills of clutch control, straight-line riding, turning, shifting, and stopping. You must use your own street-legal motorcycle and show current proof of insurance during the first hour of the course. You must wear protective clothing and a DOT approved helmet.