By Evan Peterson, Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Media evanSmall_copy

Online course Peer Review promotes quality course design

Online and hybrid course at South Central College go through a peer review process before they are made available to students.

What is peer review?
Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people of similar skill to the producers of the work. It is a form of self-regulation by experienced online faculty to faculty. Peer review methods are employed to maintain standards of quality, improve performance, and provide credibility.

Peer review of an online or hybrid course involves 3 online instructors. The 3 peer reviewers access the course to be reviewed in the student role. Peer reviewers provide feedback by utilizing a rubric that is based on the Instructional Design Tips for Online Instruction as developed by Joan Van Duzer. Over time we also have integrated elements of the Quality Matters rubric. Our peer review rubric assists in determining a score, and provides opportunity to provide the developer of the course feedback as an annotation. These annotations are extremely useful to the course developer in improving the design of their course. The rubric continues to evolve, as the Online Education Committee will align it with the Quality Matters rubric.

SCC peer review rubric categories:

1. Learner Support & Resources
2. Online Organization & Design
3. Instructional Design & Delivery
4. Assessment & Evaluation of Student Learning
5. Appropriate & Effective Use of Technology
6. Faculty Use of Student Feedback

This fiscal year SCC has had 22 courses complete the peer review process. Three additional are in the process.

Courses peer reviewed July 1, 2012 – April 2013

COMP 1120 Foundations of Computing
CAP 250 Capstone
PHRM 2115 Non-Sterile Compounding
HIST 121 U. S. History II
ENGL 0090 Writing & English II
HUCF 1201 Health Unit Coordinator Procedures
HC 1500 Healthcare Foundation: Introduction to Health Careers
PHRM 2116 Institutional Pharmacy
OTEC 2815 Employment Portfolio
OTEC 2830 MS Publisher
CHW 1000 Role Advocacy & Outreach
PHIL 210 Environmental Ethics
CDEV 1270 Learning Environment & Curriculum
HHP 104 Concepts of Fitness
HSS 1000 Intro to Health Support Specialist
HIST 120 U.S. History I
CHW 1015 Organization & Resources
CHW 1025 Teaching & Capacity Building
CHW 1035 The Community Health Worker
HHP 210 Stress Management
ANTH 100 Anthropology
ENGL 210 Creative Writing

* The SCC Online Development Process and Peer Review Rubric can be found at
By Evan Peterson, Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Media