The Multimedia Technology program at South Central College is a fast paced technology and culture driven major. The mission of the Multimedia Technology program is to provide students with design and software foundations that will enable them to develop fundamental skills using animation, graphics, illustration, videography, photography and user interactivity. Using a project-oriented approach, the Multimedia Technology program aims to develop and nurture the required creativity, passion and industry knowledge.

Students enrolled in this program will benefit from:

  • Receiving personalized attention
  • Working in current computer labs
  • Creating and designing original works using graphics, video, photography, sound and animation
  • Developing communication, management, and analytical skills
  • Being involved with real-world community projects
  • Learning design theory and interacting with the latest multimedia authoring software
  • Designing and launching their own multimedia project individually, as part of a team, and /or complete an internship within the media field
  • Producing a portfolio

South Central College’s AS degree in Multimedia Technology provides a seamless transfer of credits in a partnership with Bethany Lutheran College to work toward a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts.