Shelly_RockmanBy Shelly Rockman, Faribault Foundation Director

The Internal Fund Drive Biggest Winner Campaign kicked off on September 17 and the response has been great! Ten teams are competing to raise the most money to "transform lives through scholarships." The Big Reveal will take place on Wednesday, October 24. All participants have a chance to win fabulous prizes and every contributor receives a pedometer. After the 10 days, over $23,500 was raised from SCC Faculty and Staff for both foundations.

The Faribault Campus Foundation's 2012-13 annual fund drive plans are well underway and will kick off at the end of October. As part of the Foundation's 2012-13 Strategic Plan, the foundation aims to raise more money by: getting more volunteers involved to call on more prospective donors; conducting three corporate alumni campaigns; implementing a mini alumni phone-a-thon; increasing revenue from the on-line auction and identifying new endowments and legacy gifts.

Success with these fundraising goals will enable the Foundation to achieve another of its goals which is to increase the number and amount of scholarships awarded to students.

The Foundation benefits from the talents and community connections of several current and former employees who serve as fund drive volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer to help with the annual fund drive, give me a call at 507-332-5808.