Through Carl Perkins, agreements are in place for students to earn college credits while still in high school at no cost to the high school or to the students. More than 40 different SCC classes have these agreements (articulations) with area high schools. Upon completion of the course(s) and requirements, students receive a certificate from their high school instructors. These certificates must be presented to the college admissions office prior to registration. Check with your high school to determine which courses are articulated within your school district and how to qualify.

SCC Program Area SCC Course Name SCC Course Number
Agribusiness Agronomy I PLSC1300
  Ag Welding AGME 1930
  Equipment Assembly, Operation, Adjustment & Reconditioning I & II AGME1812 &
  Facility Maintenance MEAG1500
  Livestock Production Principles ANSC1100
  Soils I PLSC1100
Automotive Service Basic Electrical AST1212
  Basic Tune Up AST1712
  Brakes AST1613
  Introduction to Auto Service AST1112
  Starting & Charging Systems AST1233
Building Design & Energy Technology Basic AutoCAD BDET1150
Child Development Careers Child Growth & Development CDEV1210
Computer Careers Programming Fundamentals COMP1130
  Web Development COMP1140
  Spreadsheet/Database Integration COMP1125
Computer Integrated Machining Applications I CIM1140
  Concept Engineering I CIM1110
Graphic Communications Graphic Software I GCC1120
  Introduction to Graphic Communications GCC1100
  Web/Interactive Media 1 GCC1250
Culinary Arts Basic Cooking Principles QFPR1840
Marketing Management Entrepreneurship MKT1910
  Introduction to Business MKT1820
  Principles of Marketing MKT1810
  Introduction to Sales MKT1800
Mechatronics Engineering Technology Introduction to Engineering ENGR1005
  Solidworks MECA1110
  Digital Electronics MECA1210
Basic Nursing Basic Nursing HCTC1886
Office Administration & Technology Keyboarding for College OTEC1790
  Business Presentations OTEC1840
  Microsoft Publisher OTEC2830
  Keyboarding I OTEC1800
  Computer Software for College OTEC1001
  Word Processing Concepts & Applications: Core OTEC1875
  Word Processing Concepts & Applications: Expert OTEC2875
  Office Financial Applications II OTEC2835