South Central College will be the region’s leading institution for transitioning individuals into the college environment, educating students for technical careers, and building student capacity for future study through inclusive student-centered programs and services. The college will be a committed partner in the regional economy, helping individuals and organizations compete in the global marketplace.


South Central College provides accessible higher education to promote student growth and regional economic development.

Purpose Statements

  1. Foster a welcoming environment that cultivates a sense of respect and appreciation for differences.
  2. Provide educational options that prepare students for entry into the workforce, career advancement, and academic transfer opportunities.
  3. Offer student services and enrichment experiences that support academic success.
  4. Provide educational opportunities that develop our students’ ability to understand and evaluate personal, social, civic, and global perspectives.
  5. Deliver education, training, and consulting services for business, industry, and government organizations that help maximize productivity, profitability, and sustainability in a global marketplace.
  6. Promote the economic, cultural, and intellectual development of the community through collaboration with our stakeholders.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Planning Graphic


South Central College…

Institutional Core Competencies

SCC students who have completed a diploma or a degree of 45 or more credits will demonstrate:

Personal, social, and ethical responsibility

Intellectual and practical skills