By W.C. Sanders, Dean of Health and Business

For nurse educators, the National League for Nursing or NLN is dedicated to excellence in nursing education and is the preferred membership organization for nurse faculty and leaders in nursing education.

Certification in any field is a mark of professionalism. The NLN supports a relatively new certification program (first examinations began in 2005) called the certified nurse educator (CNE). This certification is a means for nursing faculty to demonstrate their knowledge about nursing education and expertise in the educator role. The examination assesses the teacher's knowledge about learning, curriculum development, teaching methods, assessment and evaluation, academic institutions, and quality improvement. It serves as a means to recognize advanced knowledge, expertise, and competencies.

NLN statistics report that of all the CNEs, 70.8 % hold master's degrees and the remainder are doctrinally prepared. Of the master's degree CNEs, 39.8 % teach in ADN programs. SCC Nursing Division has 30 % faculty certified.

The SCC Nursing Division is proud to recognize faculty who have achieved the distinction of certification as certified nurse educators.

  • Annette Benson (certified August 2008)
  • Candence "Candy" Mortenson-Klimpel (certified August 2012)
  • Kathy Sandmann (certified August 2012)