By Kim Scholtens, Human Resources Representative Kim_Sholtens

We just wrapped up the campus visits for the three finalists for our Presidency. Visiting on Wednesday, February 20, was Dr. Annette Parker; on Thursday, February 21, was Dr. Lisa Larson, and on Friday, February 22, was Dr. David Hellmich.

The candidate assessment forms you were asked to fill out at the forums have been complied and sent to Chancellor Rosenstone. The next step in the process is for each of our three finalists to interview with the Chancellor, the cabinet, and trustees. Each of these interviews is scheduled for an hour. The Chancellor plans to bring his recommendation to the Board of Trustees on March 20 and present to the campus on March 21.

Thank you to the Search Advisory Committee: John Rollins, Scott Taylor, Jayne Dinse, Kelcey Woods-Nord, Heidi Andersen, Linda Beer, W.C. Sanders, Jonathan Zierdt, Kymn Anderson and student Ashley Enter.

Also a big thank you to those who helped in other ways – Kathy, Eileen, Kim and Chris for helping with the forums and feedback forms; Elizabeth Prange and Ann Anderson for giving the candidates the campus tours; Steve Pottenger who updated our website often with short notice; for the members of the search committee who helped facilitate the forums – Ashley Enter, Kelcey, Jayne, Scott, and Kymn Anderson. Elizabeth Prange also facilitated the staff forums in Faribault. Tami Reuter who drove to the airport to pick up one of the candidates and gave that person a tour of our communities; for Becky and Sue who made delicious treats and lunches on the NM Campus; Arna Farmer who provided the snacks in Faribault; Ann Anderson who diligently did the press releases, worked on the college profile and helped in other ways as needed. Brian Knutson who toured the candidates in the Faribault community and provided chauffer service to Owatonna for one of our candidates. A big thanks to the Greater Mankato Growth Ambassadors and others who provided the Mankato community tours and facilitated the community forums. I hope I didn’t forget anyone!

The all college in-service will be Friday, April 12, on the North Mankato Campus. More details will be coming out via e-mail soon. The agenda will include:

  • Welcome with President Stover
  • Emergency Planning with Eric Weller and Al Kluever
  • AQIP with the AQIP Advisory Committee including topic breakouts
  • Breakout on aggressive and disruptive persons with Al Kluever
  • Common Read group discussions during lunch. The common read this year is “Breaking Night” by Liz Murray.
  • Lunch will be catered by Erbert and Gerbert’s.
  • Bukata Hayes from Greater Mankato Diversity Council
  • Years of Service and special awards and recognitions

Filled Positions:

  • Biology Instructor – North Mankato – hired Emily Flynn – starting Fall semester 2013
  • Financial Aid Assistant – North Mankato – hired Leah Krause

Vacancies in Progress:

  • Assistant Director of Student Life – Faribault – MAPE MnSCU Academic Professional I – closed November 13, 2012
  • Computer Integrated Machining Instructor – Faribault – open until filled
  • Fitness/Wellness Center Director – North Mankato – MAPE MnSCU Academic Professional I – closed November 13, 2012
  • Health Simulation Specialist – Faribault/North Mankato – MSCF – closes March 15, 2013
  • Mathematics Instructor – North Mankato – replacing Sri Pudipeddi – reopened – closes April 19, 2013
  • Small Business Management Instructor (50% temporary) – failed search