Jane_GreathouseBy Jane Greathouse, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Professional Careers


It has been a great year. Many great accomplishments and much learning going on (for students and for me!).

I would like to congratulate the students and faculty who competed in state and national tournaments this year – DECA, BPA, and Speech. Great job!

Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Hemmesch for accepting a tenure-track position at St. Cloud State University. Amanda took over my psychology sections this year. We are sad to see her go but we know this is a wonderful opportunity for her!

Congratulations to Dr. Shayne Narjes for earning his PhD earlier this month. Way to go Shayne!

Great work to the LAPC faculty members who have served on committees, led student clubs, and moved important initiatives forward. I am proud of the work you have all done this year.

Our celebration about the last few weeks of school is bittersweet, as we bid farewell to John Rollins. John will be retiring at the end of the semester. John has taught Speech and Theatre at South Central College for twelve years. You may know him best for his deep and mesmerizing voice! John grew up in British Guiana, on the northern coast of South America. He came to Mankato and earned his bachelors's degree and master's degree from MSU and then returned to Guiana to teach speech, theatre, and English in high school and at university. In 1975, John married his lovely wife, Annette. They had three children, all of whom graduated from MSU as well! For many years, John and Annette taught in Guiana, England, and the Bahamas. The entire family returned to Mankato when the children entered college. John says that some of his favorite things about SCC are the flexibility, the support from the department and from his colleagues, and that he has felt valued by the college. He also, believe it or not, seems like to like it when Keith Stover teases him. I asked John what he plans to do when he retires. "Putter around the house, I suppose. And we will do some traveling, although I don't really like to travel." I guess living in South America, teaching in Europe and the Bahamas, and living in the United States doesn't qualify as travel. Sheesh. Good luck to you John Rollins! It has been a pleasure to work with you!

Stay healthy everyone. Only a few weeks left!

Jane Greathouse
Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Professional Careers