Johnna_HortonBy Johnna S. Horton, Director of Library/Media Services

The South Central College Libraries have added a new resource to answer the need for flexible video formats for learning, in the classroom and online. Films on Demand Digital Educational Video© is a web-based streaming video service and is available to students and employees of South Central College both on and off campus. Maintained by Films Media Group© (parent company of Films for the Humanities and Sciences©), this service provides more than 8,000 full-length videos and 95,000 video clips from services such as PBS, BBC, Nova, etc.

SCC Libraries have subscribed to the Master Academic Collection and the Master Career & Technical Education Collection. The Master Academic Collection covers the following areas: business and economics, humanities and social sciences, science and mathematics, and health and medicine. The Master Career & Technical Education Collection includes videos that address: careers and job search, guidance and counseling, family and consumer sciences (includes child care, culinary arts, parenting, etc.), and technical education (including automotive, building trades, engineering, and technical communication).

The videos and video clips from these two collections can be embedded into D2L courses that any student of SCC can access. All students and employees of SCC can use their ID cards to access any of the college’s electronic resources. The username is the 14 digit number on the back of the card; the password is the user’s last name. If you don’t have an ID card or are having trouble getting the service to work, please stop by either library or contact me.