Wes_TaylorHi. My name is Wes. (Hi Wes!) I use Atomic Learning. I’m addicted…
You can become addicted too. Just go to https://southcentral.edu/atomiclearning/
This link is found in the SCC portals and in D2L!!!

I use Atomic Learning in my hybrid class. I have my students go through tutorials on photography, Adobe Lightroom, and how to use Flickr. All of the links to these tutorials are in my D2L course. It is super easy! The students love not buying extra books for class as well!

What is Atomic Learning? Atomic Learning is a collection of Workshops, Projects & Tutorials for hundreds of software packages and online programs. Because it’s web based you have access to very complete training anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, if you are a faculty member, you can integrate the video tutorials into D2L to share this content with students.

To get addicted go to https://southcentral.edu/atomiclearning/ now!

Examples of Workshops:

Examples of Projects:

Examples of Video Tutorials:

Much more plus many Apple trainings