Johnna_Horton-53-2_opt1By Johnna S. Horton, Director of Library/Media Services

As part of the early stages of the Faribault renovation, the periodical room is under construction. This means that it is recommended that students study in the Student Commons, Student Lounge/Vending, or the lower level of C building. This also means that the number of computers has been reduced. To accommodate that change, there are laptops for in-building use by students when there are no library computers available. Ala’s office has been moved as well. She now shares a space with eLearning Technologies. Her door opens to the library, so don’t forget to find her if you need help. The library will not move until later in the renovation. The college will keep you posted.

In the midst of construction chaos, Ala has taken the lead on some new projects. She’s working with Pawel in the Help Desk to establish standards for student employees in both areas. In order to accommodate the growing need for information literacy, we are in the planning stages of developing modules to be included in D2L for instructors to use as supplements to their courses. Finally, the library is going to start displaying selected new materials on the website via LibraryThing. Ala is in charge of that project, also.