By Johnna S. Horton, Director of Library/Media Services

It's been another busy summer for the library and AV staff and faculty! The decrease in foot traffic brought an increase in projects, resource evaluation, and purchasing for the upcoming year. Our main area of focus was taking inventory of both campus collections to determine what was missing and if there were any gaps in curricular support. We're still in the process of finalizing inventory, but it's pretty clear to us that we still have some work to do.

Taking inventory of the collections has also started us along the path of preparing for other upcoming projects. We were fortunate enough to receive bonding money for the Faribault renovations, and that includes building a brand new library. Ala will spend a significant amount of time this year determining which materials will make the move to the new space. Meanwhile, the North Mankato library will be starting the process to convert from the Dewey Decimal System to Library of Congress. (Not sure what the difference is? Library_of_Congress_Whats_the_Difference.html)

Not only will this mean that both libraries in our college will be on the same classification system, but it will help ease our students' transitions to 4-year institutions and their libraries.

Charles has been coordinating purchasing audiovisual equipment for the updated administrative area on the North Mankato campus, the new simulation lab in Faribault, as well as his usual classroom technology projects. Even with all of those projects, he still managed to get several classroom TEC carts up and running for the start of the academic year.

Other changes:

If you like to know more about any of these things, please feel free to stop by the library on either campus.