Johnna_HortonBy Johnna S. Horton, Director of Library/Media Services

As more and more programs go online, the SCC Libraries have been working with faculty to make sure students are being supported with additional resources. In particular, we worked closely with the Nursing and DOL Health Care grant faculty members to evaluate this streaming video resource for purchase. Thanks in large part to the DOL Health Care grant, our students, staff, and faculty members were able to access it beginning in July of 2012.

"The result of Alexander Street's partnership with Medcom-Trainex, one of the largest providers of nursing education video programs worldwide, Nursing Education in Video gives faculty and students anywhere-anytime access to Medcom's highly regarded library of full-length training programs— online in streaming video—with all of the search power and advanced functionality that Alexander Street's video collections deliver. " (Source:

The Medcom videos are periodically reviewed for content and accuracy to ensure that best-practice standards are available to the students and faculty. And as is true of all of our electronic resources, the streaming videos are accessible from off campus with the patron's library barcode as the username and her last name is the password. Take a look when you have a minute: