Johnna_HortonBy Johnna S. Horton, Director of Library/Media Services

As more and more news sources have gone online, I find myself seldom reading print newspapers. This had been convenient for me (and many others, I presume) until news organizations started putting their content behind paywalls; the structure that allows them to limit access to paying customers only. So…now what? How am I supposed to get my international, national, state, and local news without paying a monthly fee?

Enter the library databases. South Central College Libraries provide paid access to two newspaper collections: America’s News® and ProQuest Newsstand Complete®. America’s News® is the most recent addition to our electronic resources and has extensive coverage of middle and small market U.S. newspapers, including Mankato’s Free Press, the Austin Examiner, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press- which is full text back to 1988. ProQuest Newsstand Complete® is a collection of large market international and domestic newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Guardian (UK), along with 1300+ others. Much of the content in these two collections is current to the previous day, so I can look through the headlines to find the stories that interest me and read them on my computer.

How do you find these great resources? Go to the library databases webpage: and look through the alphabetical list for America’s News and/or ProQuest Newsstand Complete. Remember, if you are accessing these resources from off campus, you need a South Central College ID card. Your username is the 14 digit barcode number on the back of the card and your password is your last name. If you don’t think you have an ID card (or can’t find it), please stop by your home campus to have a new one made. As always, if you have any questions or would like some help with any of our resources, please let us know.