Scott_TaylorBy Dr. Scott Taylor, Small Business Management

When it works, it works…sort of.
Scott Taylor wrote and performed a skit for the opening retreat of the ArtsLab educational series. The skit starred a young Rembrandt who uses the mentoring aspect of the small business management program to set him on his path to becoming a famous portrait painter. Putting aside the problems of time travel, the entire skit was (mostly) factually accurate and emphasized the importance of strategic planning.

Given the fact that my acting ability is on par with that of a camp counselor, the performance went remarkably well…except for the bit when I started saying the lines of another actor. So, we just traded places for about 3 minutes until I could figure out how to get myself out of the hole I’d dug. Let’s just say the guffaws from the audience added to the upbeat tone of the entire workshop.

Sharon Rodning Bash, ArtsLab’s executive director, requested a repeat performance at St. Mary’s University graduate school in nonprofit management. She wants to video the performance and put it on the ArtsLab website. Barring another role confusion, we’ll post it on our SBM site, too.

ArtsLab is a two-year leadership program designed to build adaptive capacity in the nonprofit arts sector across Minnesota and North Dakota.

Small Business Management is also moderating the Executive Dialogue Series for the Faribault Area Chamber and Tourism for the 2012-13 year. Scott Taylor moderates this group of mid-size companies in discussing business issues important to the group.

Dan Sprague met with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) and received its enthusiastic approval to have its Business Development Program participants earn SCC certificates in Small Business Management and Finance. “They were particularly pleased at how this will encourage enrollment and continued participation in their program,” he said. “In addition, they liked how SCC college credits lend credibility to their efforts.”