The SCC Capital Equipment Committee invites you to apply for funds toward needed equipment to enhance your classes, programs, or department.  These funds are open for all SCC employees to apply for.  Careful consideration will be made to all applicants by the committee.


For this purpose, large capital equipment is defined as equipment with a per item cost of $5,000 or more and a lifespan of at least three years.

Annual Timeline:

December: Capital Equipment Request Forms Distributed/Note place in Connections
January 20, 2020: Deadline for Capital Equipment requests
*Submit Applications to supervisor
End of January: Chair collects and reviews applications to distribute to committee members
Early February: Committee Meets/Open Forum for Applicants

Request Process:

To request funding to purchase capital equipment, faculty and staff should complete the following steps:

  1. Have a conversation with fellow faculty or staff in your department, as well as your dean or supervisor regarding equipment needs for your area.
  2. Complete the Capital Equipment Request Form. Contact the Capital Equipment Committee Chair if you have questions.
  3. Obtain the necessary quotes for requested items.
  4. Obtain your Dean or Supervisor’s signature and recommendation on the form.
  5. Once the Dean or Supervisor’s signature is obtained, submit the completed form to Capital Equipment Committee Chair by the published deadline.
  6. Attend Applicant Open Forum to discuss your project and answer any questions from the committee.
  7. If awarded, purchase equipment by the published purchase date to ensure on time delivery.

Committee Review Process:

Once all of the applications have been collected, the committee is responsible for the following items:

  1. Individually reviewing and rating the requests according to the published rubric.
  2. Attend the committee meeting to discuss requests. Include Perkins, Grants Office, and Foundation representatives in this process to strategically leverage other funding sources (if possible).

* Applicant Open Forums may be offered during this time

  1. Compile a prioritized summary document that includes all requests, recommendations for approval, and rationale for these recommendations.
  2. Forward the summary document and recommendations to the president for final approval.
  3. Notify all applicants as to whether their request was approved or denied and provide rationale for the decision.
  4. Publish the summary document on the Capital Equipment website to ensure transparency.

Capital Equipment Committee:

  • Stacy Hohenstein, Chair
  • Brad Schloesser
  • Steve Mills
  • Eric Weller
  • Jay Schmit
  • Donna Sampson
  • Shelly Rockman
  • Erin Aanenson

FY 15 Awardees

  • Michael Broughten, Culinary Arts
  • Jim Brady, Auto Service
  • Dr. Laurie Oelslager, Intensive Care Paramedic Technician
  • Jay Stencel, Civil Engineering Technology
  • Karon Metz, Dental Assisting
  • Jay Winters, Auto Body
  • Jay Schmit, HVAC

FY 16 Awardees

  • Jay Stencel, Civil Engineering Technology
  • Chris DeVries & Jon Morgan, Computer Integrated Machining
  • Michael Broughten, Culinary Arts
  • Jenny Dumdei, Dental Assisting
  • Gale Bigbee & Kevin McLaughlin, Graphic Communications
  • Annette Benson, Health Simulation
  • Dr. Laurie Oelslager, Intensive Care Paramedic Technician
  • Stacy Hohenstein, Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Wes Taylor, Multimedia Technology
  • John Smith & Tyler Schneider, Welding
  • Russ Berndt, Maintenance

FY 17 Awardees

  • Jay Winters, Auto Body and Collision Technology
  • Johnna Horton, Library
  • Michael Broughton, Culinary Arts
  • Michael Broughton & Sue Swedberg, Culinary Arts/Food Service
  • Sue Steck, Biology
  • Stacy Hohenstein, Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Wes Taylor, Multimedia Technology

FY 18 Awardees

  • Ag Service Tech, Jim Zwaschka
  • ASC/Science Tutoring, Elaine Hardwick
  • Biology, Sue Steck
  • Career and Counseling Service, Lisa Schickling/ Candy Laven
  • Civil Engineering Technology, Jay Stencel
  • Culinary Arts, Chef Michael Broughton & Lizbeth Kleiver
  • Food Service, Sue Swedberg
  • GIS, Katie Hueper
  • Graphic Communication, Gale Bigbee
  • Health Sim & Nursing, Annette Benson

 FY 19 Awardees

  • ASC/Science Tutoring, Elaine Hardwick
  • Carpentry, Mark Paddock
  • Civil Engineering Technology, Jay Stencel
  • Culinary, Chef Michael Broughten and Lizbeth Kliewer
  • Health Unit Coordinator, Laura Attenberger
  • Machine Tool Technology, Chris DeVries
  • Medical Laboratory Tech, Stacy Hohenstein
  • Nursing Program/Health Sim, Annette Benson
  • Welding, John Smith & Dean Odette