Credit for Prior Learning Fee Schedule
In accordance with Minnesota legislation and System Procedure 5.11.1 Tuition and Fees, Part 5, Subpart B., “A fee shall not be charged for analysis and awarding of credit for training delivered by the United States military.”

SCC will charge assessment fees as follows:

  1. Standardized Exams: No fee
  2. Challenge Exams/Credit by Examination (Test Out):
    • Lecture Course Assessment $75/per credit
    • Lab Course Assessment $150/per credit
  3. Individual Assessment:
    • Portfolio Assessment $125/per credit
    • Skill Simulation and Demonstration $125/per credit
    • Interview-based Assessment $75/per credit
  4. Evaluation of Non-College Education and Training
    • ACE Credit No fee
    • NCCRS No fee
    • Technical or Professional Certification No fee, skill demo fee if applicable
    • Technical or Professional Apprenticeship $75/per credit or if skill demo is needed a maximum of $125/per credit
    • Technical or Professional Licensure No fee, skill demo fee if applicable
    • Digital Badges $75 per credit
    • MN Articulated College Credit No fee

Effective October 1, 2020